Tuesday, August 14, 2007



hello hello! I just wanted to post the link to my new super delicious blog :) I will be posting over there from now on so please make your way over :)

Thanks and big airport *smooches*

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Guess whhhhhhhhhhhhhat?

I'm baaaaaaaaaaaaack :P Lucky you! :P tee hee

So my move went extremely well, better than I expected. Everything is really falling into place for me. I'm still unpacking and trying to set up the ole studio but it's coming along. High 5s all around! Yay!

Soooooo hang tight!

Also some news: I will be starting a new blog called The Shiny Black Shoes (which is also the name of my new etsy shop), so stay tuned for that. The new blog will be used for any new work, new projects and basically anything I'm loving :) (note: I won't be updating this one anymore after I start posting to the new one so I will post a link here so you can head over).

Well my darlings, that's it! *Smooches*