Thursday, May 31, 2007

Just got home from the symphony...

Yup, even had my fancy pants on :) It was loads of fun, the symphony actually played KISS songs, although I'm not even a fan of KISS, it was totally fun and interesting to hear their songs played that way!

Just a reminder that tomorrow I am on showcase again :) Please check it out.

Time for bed...sweet dreams.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

I had a pretty productive night..

I made 5, yes 5 journals last night (one isn't in the picture because it was mailed off)!
Check them out, they look super cute! They are all sold. Although there is another one of the cream coloured notebook available in my shop.

We're almost over the hump...

Happy hump day! We're half way through...hang in there!

Last night's class was fabulous. I'm super happy with the way things are turning out. I know I've been promising pictures for a while now, they are coming, I swear it. I just need to finish up this project.

The above piece is by artist Sean Hennessey I love sculpture pieces like this. He cast the gocco bulbs in concrete! Brilliant! I really love the look of this. Check out his shop, he's got some amazing pieces in there for very reasonable prices.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

The coolest spice rack ever!

Check out this spice rack from Purpose Design It looks great and it's handy. Super cool!
Another busy day ahead. I know, I keep saying that, but it's the truth. I go from my day job right to school until 11 pm, which is the time I get home. Anyway, I'm not complaining, I love the silk screening course I'm taking so it's totally worth it!

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Simply Modern

What a day today. I headed to Ikea today to buy some frames for all the artwork I have lying around (my own and other pieces that I purchased). I picked up 5 frames all different sizes. I still have to figure out what piece will go where. I do need quite a few more frames though so I suppose another trip is in order.

During my usual stroll around etsy, I came across the most delightful shop full of colourful and gorgeous prints. Check out Simply Modern's shop. You'll adore it as much as I do.
I seem to be loving pink right now. I can't get enough of it. Check out the print above! Lovely.
I also watched the movie The Painted Veil tonight. The story was brilliant. I couldn't get enough of Naomi Watts. The story takes place in the 1930s, which is a period of fashion I especially love.
Do watch it.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

What a day!

I'm so bloody tired. I can't seem to shake this fatigue thing I've got going on. Sigh. What's a girl to do? Rest? That's almost too easy.

I'm a little late with my posting today but I think you'll like these. A set of super pretty coasters from PDA Collection. A good mix of goodies in this shop, check it out!

Friday, May 25, 2007's Friday!

Even though this has been a short week for me (with Monday being a stat holiday), it felt soooooooo long. Last night's party was good but I'm exhausted. Anyway.

This morning I took a run through etsy (need to get my exercise) and stopped at Kim Westad's ceramic shop.

Some really lovely pieces here with pretty colour. Above is one of my favourites, a hand-thrown porcelain vase.

Have a good day everyone. Weekend is in sight.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Vintage Linen Clothespin Bag

I really adore this bag. It's made from vintage napkins. Ahhh...vintage napkins, LOVE that. You'll find more goodies like this in k8ty kat's shop on etsy.

I think I'm just feeling a little needy right now. I've been on the hunt for a nice vintage table or desk for the office (or my studio). I lucked out when I found my current studio table. It used to be used in a police library way long ago (and it's even numbered which apparently is something institutions did). But I need more space, hence the search for another.

Busy day today at the day job, we're throwing a party. Yay. And the weather here is so HOT right now, I love it! For once, I'm not cold. Feeeeeeeeels good.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

block printing goodness

Check out Perla Anne on etsy. Her shop is full of beautiful prints of block printing goodness. I think because I also block print, I really love seeing other people's work. I'm especially fond of the print pictured above (which is why I ordered it, tee hee).
Last night's silkscreening class was great! We got to print our group project (I promise pictures to come, I just keep forgetting my camera at home). Next week we get to print our t-shirt design (which is our second assignment). I'm super excited!
Alright, well, time for the day job. Ciao.

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I can't get enough of this shop!

Birdie, London. She has such amazing artwork on there. I love it all. And she makes the cutest wooden books...check her out!

Back to my day job's going to be a long one since I also have school tonight. Time for a big cup of coffee.

Have a good one!

Monday, May 21, 2007

excuse me, I just arted :P

I'm such a geek.

I spent the day in the bunker (aka studio) fooling around with some gouache I just bought a few days ago. My first time painting with them. I really like it, watercolour always frustrates me so this is a nice alternative.
I seem to be obsessed with flowers right now. For this I used gouache and ink on paper. I would like to silk screen this on to some fabric. I'm happy with the way the colours turned out. We'll see.
I also created this little's ink on canvas.

I also made this, it's gouache and ink on canvas. It kind of has a Japanese feel to it.

Anyway that's it for now. I'm all arted out.

Things are happening...or not.

In my studio that is. Yeah, so did I ever mention how great I am at procrastination? Ha. Yeah I'm a pro. I completed my homework for tomorrow night but then got distracted by the mess in the ole studio, so I decided to clean up a little (not too much, wouldn't want to scare anyone). I know you can't tell from this picture, but the bunker is actually quite large. This is just my "creating" space. I'm really lucky!

The Best Kind of Monday.

The Monday of a long weekend! YAY! I feel good this morning, after not sleeping for the last few days, I actually had some really great sleep last night. I woke up this morning feeling rested and relaxed. Although it's really sunny outside (still a little cool where I am), I'm going to spend the day in the studio working on some pieces I started. I also have some homework to do.
On my morning stroll through etsy-ville, I came across Ola Designs. The shop has some really great pretty pieces of ceramic. Check out the colour combinations in the set pictured above. Beautiful! And her prices are so reasonable.
Alright, time to head down to the studio.

Sunday, May 20, 2007


I was up way too late last night and then got up way toooooo early this morning. Total number hours of sleep: 3! Ouch.

But I did take advantage of my insomnia and worked in my studio on some new stuff. Mostly I was just testing out some images and colours for my silk screening class but I'm happy with what came out of it. The piece above was done with india ink as well as block printing ink. The leaf is something I carved out for a new design of cards that I'm selling in my etsy shop.

Alright, maybe it's time for a nap (or another cup of coffee).

Saturday, May 19, 2007


I really can't get enough of birds. In fact, as I'm typing this there is a little birdie in the tree just outside my office window. The birds are going nuts right now. I even have some lovely nests in the pine tree in my backyard.

For a while now there is this "bird trend" happening on everything from jewelry to fabric to pottery. As I was scooting around etsy this morning I am across Mordenti Pottery
Really pretty pottery in this shop. Hope you'll check it out!
Alright, time for me to hop into the shower. I'm on the look out for a nice vintage table or desk for my studio or office. Wish me luck!

Friday, May 18, 2007


Happy Friday everyone!
It's the best kind of a Friday, one before a long weekend (Monday is a stat holiday in Canada :) Yay!

I was putzing around the interweb and hit up Marimekko's website( I love ALL the stuff on the site, especially the wallpaper and textile designs. But what really struck me were these cute little coin purses. Adorable.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clay and Glass Gallery

Tonight I went to the Empty Bowls event at The Clay and Glass Gallery. I love this event and try to go every year. The money raised goes to our local food bank. Not only is it for a good cause, but you also get to pick out a one of a kind bowl and then get to fill it with yummy soups and bread from local restaurants. Check out my bowl! :) I loooooooooooove it!

Another Showcase Today

I am on showcase again today on etsy. I hope you get a chance to check it out!

Above is a set of note cards that I have in my shop. These are pretty popular, I even made a bunch for someone's wedding which is cool!

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Wednesday Morning

Yesterday was chaos. Not only was I busy at my day job, but I also had class last night. That really does make for a long day but the class was fantastic! I'm really happy with what I'm learning and the ideas that are coming out of it. I promise to post pictures soon.

I also checked etsy on my lunch break and had a nice surprise, one of my little hand stitched notebooks made the front page! Yay! I was super happy about that :)

AND this morning I checked my most absolute favourite etsy shop and there were some new earrings pretty. Check out Anabella Designs.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Vessels and Wares

On my morning stroll through etsy, I encountered this lovely shop
I really love all the pieces she has listed. Really pretty.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Wild Summer Pie

Check out this beautiful brooch! I love the little amethyst on it. I don't know much about the person who made it since there is no profile in his/her shop but check out the shop anyway, there are some really nice things in there.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Quiet Sunday Morning

After the chaos of yesterday, it's nice to be able to sit here in my pjs, post to my blog and check out all my usual websites (etsy, design sponge, poppy talk, etc...) all while sipping on some organic, fair trade coffee. *sip* ahhhhhhhhh...

Last night I went down to the bunker and made a couple of things.
I posted one on etsy last is a pic. I love the shape of the envelope, it has draw string closure (as well as normal envelope glue). So using the shape of the envelope as inspiration, I designed a long flat note card to go along with it using Japanese linen paper (one of my favs!). The card measure 3 3/4" x 9". Fabulous! This note card is also available in a green and chocolate combination.
Hope you're doing something wonderfully relaxing. Don't forget to call mom today :)

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Saturday Morning

Yeah so I'm up early this Saturday *yawn* I have so much to do before drawing class. Man oh man, I'm tired.

I worked on sketching my hand last night, yeah it went ok but harder than I thought, I couldn't sit still *bad model* Probably didn't help that I was trying to eat a bagel at the time.

I didn't feel like being in my studio (aka the bunker) so I took things above ground and brought my supplies upstairs to my dining room. Here's a picture. I just picked those three tulips from my garden. There are a ton out there :)
The empty front room...yeah...haven't decided what I'm doing there yet. That's an upcoming project.
Alright time for coffee **yawn**

Friday, May 11, 2007

Silent Goddess

Happy Friday everyone!
I came across this beautiful copper cuff...I really love it when artists and crafts people work nature into their art.
Alright day job time.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Thursday night...

So instead of going down into my studio and creating a couple things, I went out for dinner...ha-ha. I was just so tired from the day job that I needed to relax. Guess I'm feeling a little guilty. BUT tomorrow is a new day :) Another day to create and sketch. I need to sketch my hand for Saturday's drawing class. Good times ;)

I was strolling through etsy again (big surprise) and came across Cabaret Voltaire's shop (love the name!). It's a group of 4 individuals who go around photographing aersol art. Some really fantastic prints are available. Check them out!

I think I'm going to order me a little art :) Night night. Don't forget, tomorrow, showcase on there! Smooches.

Showcase Tomorrow...

I have a showcase tomorrow on etsy. I hope you'll check it out.

In the meantime, check out today's showcase lots of great stuff there!

I haven't been posting much of my own work this week, mostly because I've been working away on my courses. Lots of thinking about design ideas and such, which is fantastically fun but time consuming. I hope to make a couple more notebooks tonight for my showcase tomorrow. We'll see how it goes!

Happy Thursday everyone!


Amelie has got to be one of my most favourite movies. Imagine my delight when I came across Almost Famous' shop on etsy (where else?)

I love love love all three Amelie prints! Check it out.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Yasmine Louis

I've been a big fan of Yasmine's for a couple years now since I saw her at Toronto's One of a Kind Show. She does fantastic silkscreening on shirts and pillows.

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Aussie Patches-Love it!

On my morning stroll through etsy land, I came across Aussie Patches. I really love her prints, she draws illustrations of girls on wallpaper and other textured paper. She also does other illustrations (check out the bird cage, so lovely!). She has a blog as well ..YAY! I love it when artists have blogs!

Here is a link to her shop

Monday, May 7, 2007

Something I'm loving right now...

Feist's new album called The Reminder.

I *heart* Leslie Feist.


Didn't we just have one of these last week? Sigh. Back to the day job...when will it end? When? ha-ha. Ok, enough drama.

I was taking a quick peek at etsy this morning and came across this glass shop (Striking Glass):

Such amazing colours! And the pieces are so affordable. Check it out.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

ohhhhhh ahhhhhhhh

Look at this most delicious lantern. This is from Peking Lounge, an antique Chinese shop in Vancouver.
They have too many great items on their site to mention. Check it out!

Saturday, May 5, 2007

Lilac Notebook

I was down in the bunker and made this little lilac notebook. I posted it to my etsy shop ( I really love the soft lilac colour of the cover paper. I also carved a nice flower. Hope you like!

B-day painting framed and ready to go...


Just Posted...

I just posted this flat notecard set to etsy. Hope you like it!

Tulips and Acorns

What a combo! The tulips I picked up at the local grocery store, I couldn't resist, they looked too pretty. The acorns are from my garden, I found some squirrel's secret stash when I was cleaning up one of the garden's in the backyard. Together they make a pretty combo as a center piece on my dining room table.
I see a design idea here :)

Saturday Morning

I managed to finish the watercolour (and ink) painting for my mom's birthday tomorrow. All I have to do is buy a nice frame for it today after my drawing class. It looks a lot like the cover of the notebook I made my best bud, even though I tried to make it look a little different. I guess those colours were just calling to me again. I know mom will love it (she always does, ha-ha).

Friday, May 4, 2007

Busy day ahead...

I have lots planned for today (of course nothing is happening until I get out of the day job). I have a watercolour painting that I need to finish for my mom's birthday on Sunday. That will hopefully happen tonight (oh and by finish, I mean start, ha-ha). It will be similar to the cover of the notebook that I made my best bud.

I have to work on my silkscreen assignment. Sigh. I tried, oh did I try last night but nothing was hitting me. Maybe tonight.

I also have some yummy paper in my bunker (the studio) just screaming to be made into another notebook. So yeah, I would love for that to happen as well.
Wish me luck!

Alright, now time to get this day job thing out of the way.

Happy Friday!

Friday is finally here! Yay!

I was surfing etsy this morning and came across this most fantastic bowl of ceramic goodness. The artist's name is Shoshona Snow. She is out of NY. Check out her shop, it's full of beautifully designed ceramics with great pattern and colour.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

Made this tonight too.

This one isn't in my etsy shop. I made this one for my best friend in the whole wide world who I went to visit about 4 weeks ago in Vancouver. There is story behind this one. My best bud and I went out and had a few too many drinkipoos, then came home and made some "art". Actually I just took ink to some watercolour paper she had and painted some flowers.

Well when I got back home from my visit (I live in Ontario), I watercolored the flowers, the background and made a notebook for her. The pages inside are a pastel blue. It's supposed to be a surprise, but I guess she'll see it here. I'm going to ship it off to her tomorrow. Hope she likes it. Smooches bella. Miss you LOTS!

Sigh...why? Why me?

Ack I went to upload some pics of my newest notepad and my computer couldn't find my Kodak software for the camera. Sigh. Why? I hate PCs. I should get a iMAC already. Double sigh.

Luckily I also have Adobe (yay!) so I was able to post my newest little creation. The inspiration came from some notecards I make using the same colours. Here is a pic.

Oh and yes, I'm having a love affair with turquoise right now. Don't tell anyone.

It's Thursday...

Last night I was sooooo very tired that I didn't get to work on anything I had planned. But why dwell, today is a new day, I'm still feeling tired but I feel good about spending some time in my studio (aka the bunker) tonight. I hope to finish a couple of notebooks I have started and also to start on my silkscreening assignment. We'll see what happens.

Day job time.

Love this!

Part of my morning ritual is to take a peek at etsy. I found another artist who's work really appeals to me.

Here is the link to Blue Gypsy's Shop:

The artist's name is Liz Conway. Beautiful artwork. Above is one of my favourites.

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

BaaBaa Creations

I was putzing around Etsy again and came across BaaBaa Creations.

Such amazing work and the colour, oh the colour...delicious. Completely affordable prints. I think I'm going to order me the Camissia Print!

Missed the Open House! Boo.

I'm kicking myself for not staying more on top of this but I missed the Sheridan College Craft and Design program's open house.

I saw kind of the "left over" of it last night in class and there was some amazing stuff! Really talented artists over at Sheridan. I wish I knew who created the piece above, I know it's from the textile program over there but not sure which student created it since it didn't say on the website. If anyone knows, let me know.

Tuesday, May 1, 2007

What a loooooooong day!

I started my textile silkscreening course tonight, which means I got home late. Oh man I'm tired. I think I need to quit my day job, ha-ha. Anyway I'm super excited about this course and hope to post some ideas I have this week.